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CHM 1305-Introduction to Chemistry


CHM 1311- General Chemistry 1

CHM 1312- General Chemistry 2


CHM 2323 (Honors)- Organic Chemistry 1

CHM 2325- Organic Chemistry 2


Play the Periodic Table Song (and sing along!)



                                         Homework Study Tips



                     Chemistry magazine

(published by the American Chemical Society)


Useful Web Links

Chemistry Freeware

click on an element to read all about it

a very cool site linking comic books to the elements

 3-D periodic tables

a variety of periodic tables


Useful ACC Links

College Catalog



Useful Tables and Charts

Periodic Table

Conversion Factors for Dimensional Analysis

Physical Constants

Polyatomic Anions

Solubility of Ionic Compounds


Who are these guys?  

(the portraits of scientists we will study)


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